Timber Floor Coatings & Deck Coatings.
Superior protection in all applications & climates.

Timber floor coatings by CoatIT Australia™.
Our focus is on developing low VOC coatings for timber floors & timber decks.
At CoatIT Australia™ our coatings brands which are Enviro Floors ® & Enviro Decks ® are Australian made.
They are environmentally friendly, giving you superior protection on all timber surfaces in different climates around the world.


Enviro Floors, and Enviro Decks brands are great for new/old timber flooring, timber decks, restoring old timber floors, and bringing timber decks back to life again.
Enviro Floors & Enviro Decks brands are specially designed for either external timber surfaces or internal timber surfaces.
They can be applied to timber floors, decking, stairs, sports Floors, walls, pontoons, furniture, and other timber surfaces.

Enviro Floors TIMBER 1 PACK Low VOC coating and Finish for Timber Surfaces
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What sets our timber finishes and cleaning products apart is that while remaining very affordable and delivering an excellent result, the products contain a fraction or no harsh chemicals.

Enviro Floors & Enviro Decks are environmentally friendly and dramatically reduce the exposure of toxic substances to yourself, your family, friends, the installer, your pets, and your gardens.
CoatIT Australia & our brands Enviro Floors & Enviro Decks allows the products to be used by the public & for professional installers for small projects, or in large commercial/industrial areas.

Our Coatings are tailor-made
to meet the challenges of
Australian timbers and climatic conditions

Our brands Enviro Floors & Enviro Decks timber finishes are highly effective and unique in comparison to other coating products in Australia and the world.

They are formulated, developed, and fully tested for timber applications in Australia, New Zealand & the pacific region.

These products can be applied to newly installed timber surfaces, and refurbished timber surfaces in a broad range of environments, climates, and geographical locations internationally.

CoatIT Australia products are used by people who intend to install or already have timber products installed & are ready for coating.

Enviro Floors & Enviro Decks have been applied in commercial buildings, sporting stadiums, houses or apartments, or public government buildings.

CoatIT Australia | Timber Coatings | Interior & Exterior Timber Coatings | Australian Made Low VOC Environmentally Friendly
  • Australian Made
  • Environmentally Friendly

CoatIT Australia our waterborne products deliver superior wear-resistant characteristics in comparison to other brands (as measured on the international Taber Bench Mark scale).

They contain lower levels of VOC (Toxic Organic Volatile Compounds).

Our products have been tried and tested by customers, architects, and applicators that have extensive experience in laying, sealing, and finishing floors over many years.

Brisbane After Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating and Finish for Timber Surfaces

ENVIRO FLOORS FLOW AID improving flow while reducing the surface tension
ENVIRO FLOORS WET EDGE EXTENDER increases the working time of the waterborne coating creating a finer finish.